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  • Chocolate Head Notebook

    Chocolate Head Notebook

    80 LEI

  • Das Model Notebook

    Das Model Notebook

    80 LEI

  • Personal Profile Notebook

    Personal Profile Notebook

    80 LEI

  • Ring my Heart Ring-Necklace

    Ring my Heart Ring-Necklace

    30 LEI

  • Go Indie! Notebook

    Go Indie! Notebook

    75 LEI

  • 8 Red Ring

    8 Red Ring

    80 LEI

  • Butterflies In My Stomach T-shirt

    Butterflies In My Stomach T-shirt

    45 LEI

  • Coffee,Tea, Me?

    Coffee,Tea, Me?

    180 LEI

  • Opus Magnum Notebook

    Opus Magnum Notebook

    75 LEI

  • Phosphenes Notebook

    Phosphenes Notebook

    65 LEI

  • Oracle Trophy

    Oracle Trophy

    0 LEI

Welcome to exciting.ro!

Exciting Gifts is our web place for idea-gifts, ideas to surprise, to create satisfaction for the ones that offer them and real pleasure for the ones that receives them. Every idea is going through a design process where we experiment to find the best options, materials, and details, until we create an original product which is well executed and finished, and which is consistent with its function: notebooks, jewelry, t-shirts, urban toys, musical boxes and so on. The best gift should always fit the personality of those who receive it, therefore we like to create custom gifts for the ones who really know their friends.

Offer an idea, not only an object. Because every person is custom-made.